Welcome to Eurocircle Deutschland e.V.
Welcome to Eurocircle Deutschland e.V.

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Members of the relatively young association have already committed themselves in the past, mainly in a full-time capacity, to EU programmes and in particular the YOUTH IN ACTION programme.

The prominent reason for setting up the association was the desire to provide an intensive and efficient pooling of experience and the well nurtured, and often personal, international contacts for youth as well as for other partner organisations.

The services we provide involve the following areas

  • advice for non-profit-making institutions concerning applications for projects and subsequent support with the running of international youth exchange projects
  • input at information events on mobilisation projects in schools and youth organisations as well as specific seminars for disseminators
  • the sending of European volunteers through ERASMUS+ (follow-up programme of YOUTH IN ACTION)
  • direct independent advice for young people and youth groups with regards to international exchanges and voluntary service in foreign countries
  • coordination of European Voluntary Services for regional host organisations
  • mentoring for European volunteers for regional host organisations
  • assistance to obtain accreditation for regional non-profit organisations to become host organisation within the European Voluntary Service
  • directing the flow of information to international project management organisations
  • contact management with national and international coordination centres
  • transfer of know-how through the preparation of European model and pilot projects promoted by the European commission in areas such as education, youth, social work and environment
  • search, acquisition and networking of international organisations for and with regional project management organisations and institutions in different project areas
  • providing detailed but clear, extensive but individually orientated, up to date information concerning European programmes

If you are unable to find further information on our website with regards to the points mentioned above, we ask for your understanding and propose that you contact us directly.